Welcome to Ja yoga

Ja Yoga was established in 2008 as one of the first yoga studios in Long Beach, CA. The space was created as a sanctuary to make one feel comfortable and supported during their yoga journey. The uniqueness of Ja Yoga is that we focus on specific body and mind parts each day along with the corresponding chakra (energy center).

All of Ja Yoga's instructors are highly trained to guide you in the safest ways possible while helping you strengthen, stretch and bring well being. We will offer you suggestions throughout your yoga practice so you can tailor the moves to your body's own level

Whether you are new to the yoga practice or a seasoned yogi, we offer different classes to help you relax or break a sweat.

"We welcome you to our sanctuary to experience a deeper connection to your body and mind." 

Our upcoming events:

5/24 ReikiSound bath @7:30pm



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